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Pennsylvania Estates, Trusts, and Administration: Attorneys
Building a Plan for You

With 96 plus years of experience, the attorneys at Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP can help you with all aspects of your trusts and estates issues, including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Tax Issues & Executor Duties
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills & Health Directives
  • Living Trusts
  • Probate & Administration
  • Will Contests & Disputes
  • Will Drafting & Execution

Estate planning

You worked hard for your assets and we at Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP believe you have a right to dispose of these assets as you see fit. When creating an estate plan, we advise Clients on how to protect their children and grandchildren, continue to support their spouses and loved ones, and how to support important causes through charitable gifts. After detailed analysis of your estate, we can devise an effective plan that identifies, transfers, and protects your assets, minimizes unnecessary and unsavory tax waste, establishes sound guardianship for your children, ensures continued cares for your pets, provides support to philanthropic causes, and certainly most importantly, protects your loved ones you leave behind. We promise to draft a will that best reflects your goals and desires, and establish living trusts if they support your estate planning goals.

We also offer services in our estate planning to ensure you and your loved ones have your personal financial and health affairs organized in the event of a change in circumstance. Whether You are a new parent, newlywed, parent of a young adult, or a senior citizen, a Power of Attorney can be personally tailored to provide you with a trustworthy agent who can handle your personal affairs in your absence, assistance, or in your time of need. Whether it be having access to medical information, authorization to pay bills or cash checks, or handling other personal affairs, Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP considers a solid and personalized Power of Attorney a corner stone of proper Estate Planning.

Living Wills are the third piece of what Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP considers proper and sound Estate Planning preparation. Once thought to be just for the over-controlling, in our current healthcare climate, we express a strong sense of importance for individuals to ensure their Health Care directives are properly expressed. In the event of a life changing medical event, a person's wishes on how to address the condition cannot be confirmed. Regardless of one's personal opinion on how to handle such a state, we say that regardless of the opinion, if you have one, it should be put into writing. This document also allows an appointment of an agent who can be told to use such information as guidance or as mandatory orders. While it is certainly a difficult subject to discuss, it is a gift to your family in an otherwise emotional time.


After losing a loved one, whether it was unexpected or prepared for thoroughly, it can be overwhelming to face the daunting and complicated probate process alone. The knowledgeable, caring, and diligent attorneys at Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP can take charge of the probate process, bring a sense of calm to the mourning family, and ease the weight of your loss by assisting you through the rigors of managing an Estate.

We assist Executors in Pennsylvania through all steps of this complex process whether probating a will or assisting in the event their loved one died without a will, Sharpe & Sharpe can provide assistance by:

  • Creating a plan of action to probate the estate fairly and expeditiously
  • Filing the will with the Pennsylvania Probate Court
  • Closing and Opening bank accounts
  • Accompanying the Executor through the Swearing of their Oath
  • Transferring Assets from the Deceased to the Estate
  • Paying Taxes and other Debts
  • Locating Beneficiaries
  • Obtaining Renunciations
  • Hiring Professionals and Experts when necessary

Probate disputes

A probate dispute further aggravates the stress and pain of your emotional loss. When probate disputes arise, our attorneys are prepared to challenge an ambiguously or incorrectly executed will or defend your rights against disgruntled beneficiaries. Using our mediation skills, our attorneys can ease potential hostilities that may arise between family members during the emotionally charged process. We are equally ready to assertively fight for your beneficiary rights within the Pennsylvania probate court. When time is of the essence, know Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP is ready and willing to immediately protect your right and avoid you possibly worse future expenses.

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