Contracts & Leases

Whether business or personal, proper Contract & lease drafting is essential to ensure your rights and interests are fully protected in the event of disaster. Sharpe & Sharpe, LLP can specifically tailor your document to fit your specific circumstance and help ensure your desired outcome in the event of foreseen, and unforeseen events.

  • Landlord Rental Agreement
  • Tenant Lease Review
  • Employment Contracts & Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Corporate Contracts & Agreements
  • Buyer & Seller Real Estate Agreements
  • Small Business Contracts
  • Commercial Rental Agreements

Take Control of your Business and Personal Affairs

In the event of a conflict, the law has decided the contract controls. Just as you would never bungee jump without a cord, nor should you enter into dealing hoping a deal or agreement will never falter. Agreements can be enforced whether written or oral, so we strongly encourage our clients to discuss with out their goals and expectations and allow us to draft them contracts, leases, and agreements that will best protect their interests and most efficiently deliver their desired result.

Our document for is time-tested to endure the scrutiny of litigation through the decades and specifically applicable to Pennsylvania law, much unlike online or commercial vendors offering canned agreements. Allow our Attorneys to review your current documents or draft you new documents specifically designed for your personal or business needs.

Contact an experienced Pennsylvania Contract &Lease Lawyer you can count on.

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